Jessica Nelson MA UKCP Reg.


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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Do you long for a better life, yet feel as though you are drowning in a sea of anxieties? Or else that you’re living on the surface, missing out on the fascinating depths life has to offer? Are you conscious of the deep divide between how you really want to be and what you feel inside?

Increasing numbers of people recognise that the true joy and beauty of human existence is to be gained not from constant, stress-laden striving for outward success or material achievement, but in the steady realisation of individual potential. Maybe we feel unlucky in life and that other people are much better off, yet even the apparently perfect relationship, the perfect job or house may seem empty if we do not have true inner contentment. Most of us can trot out the cliché that it’s who we are and what we have to offer the world that really matters, not what we own or the importance of the job we do. Living as though that were true may be, of course, an entirely different matter.

Many of us wish to make the changes that will lead, ultimately, to a greater sense of satisfaction or real joy in life. With the help and support of good friends and family, or perhaps a course of counselling, we can make immediate changes to our behaviour which have a dramatic impact on the way we live our lives or perceive ourselves. Sometimes, these changes may go beyond surface level to bring about long-lasting effects on our personality or on the way in which we respond to difficult external circumstances.

There are many cases, however, where in order to achieve lasting change, we need to understand the roots of whatever obstacles stand in the way of us reaching our full potential. Such obstacles, sometimes arising in childhood, can be so embedded in the psyche that the work required to set them aside involves building trust in a therapeutic relationship, over time, to go deep into the unconscious. This may sound scary, yet can be an exciting journey, with pleasant surprises along the way. We hide from view not only what we fear or don’t like about ourselves, but also the best we can be: the precious pearl within the oyster.

My role as a psychotherapist is to work with clients towards establishing a safe enough relationship to engage in the depth of inner exploration, which can bring about permanent change or transformation of the psychological patterns that can hold people back. As an experienced guide and companion of those embarking on the internal landscape of the unconscious psyche, I am trained in therapeutic ‘tools’ which may come in useful along the way to facilitate the journey. As well as coming to understand and ‘feel’ who clients are through talking therapy, I employ creative techniques such as the exploration of dreams, journal writing, drawing, guided visualisation and imagery.

I am trained to work at both counselling and psychotherapy levels and respect the individual needs of particular clients coming to therapy, whether for long or short-term (single issue or goal-focused counselling), or for a deeper exploration of personal blocks to moving forward in life.

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