Jessica Nelson MA UKCP Reg.


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Energy Therapy - AIT

I have attended several postgraduate courses in a form of energy psychology known as Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), which is entirely consistent with my main training in psychosynthesis - and with other psychotherapeutic traditions - though the approach is more physically oriented. I am able to combine both practical experience and theoretical understanding as a psychotherapist with muscle testing, in order to access the unconscious and facilitate clients to let go of unwanted psychological material that may be held there. The advantage of this to clients interested in working in this way is that the physical process of clearing the residue of past trauma through the body’s energy systems is believed to lead to more rapid and effective healing.

The rationale behind energy psychology is that trauma resulting from a wide range of upsetting events and experiences – including abuse, accidents, physical illness etc. – may be held in the individual’s mind, body and spirit, preventing them from living life to the full. The negative mind-sets and difficult emotional build-up that can sabotage personal well-being, happiness and success needs to be released in order to allow greater freedom for the individual to live the way they choose.

Drawing on expertise from the field of traumatology, Advanced Integrative Therapy integrates spiritual and psychological paths to offer depth healing.